Sheria Ngowi | The inspirational Fashion Designer in Tanzania

The Inspirational African Designer

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Sheria Ngowi is an enthusiastic Tanzanian fashion designer and founder of Sheria Ngowi brand whose work has been acclaimed nationally and internationally due to his fanatic and creative designs inspired by classical and alluring dressing style of his late father. He has won several awards such as the Swahili Fashion Week Awards as the best male designer of the year in 2011 and 2013.

Sheria has participated in national and international fashion shows including; Mode of Africa-Lagos, Nigeria. 2013 – Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week-New York, USA. 2013 – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa-Pretoria, South Africa. 2014 – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin-Berlin, Germany. 2014 – London Fashion Week-London, UK 2014 – African Fashion Week Toronto-Toronto, Canada. 2014 – Hub of Africa-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

These achievements have brought a clear meaning of fashion design in Tanzania and around the globe and hence brought another opportunity of showcasing his new collection at an international fashion show, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in Johannesburg -South Africa in 2017.