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AshuraJumanne53 2 Reviews
Amazing School for English

Kulaya School always offer the best services, They taught my three sons and they still teach my brother who spent his lifetime in Italy and recently he is in Tanzania though looking forward to shift to England about next two months.

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Jnnal62 1 Reviews
Awesome English course

I got an English course classes 1 year ago from Kulaya School, but it wasn’t class but just private, the class was good with Mr.. Emanuel, i know speak English but the most hard thing for me was speaking, I thank that now I am more confident

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stenis2841 1 Reviews
Best Private tutors

English tutor from Kulaya school are amazing, we had two private tutors, for Swahili and English, one female and one man, they gave us wonderful classes we never had before, but sometimes the lady was shy this was only thing I didn’t like but she was better

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Jensen36 1 Reviews
Swahili Course good Centre in Dar es Salaam

As an Italian, I cannot speak good language, but I met my Swahili tutor from Kulaya School, encourage and still teach me for now, he is well passionate and amzing teacher for myself, he even teach me english now

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Author Response

Mr. Jensen you we're really proud of you, thank you.

utamuwaleo82 1 Reviews
The best English teachers in Dar es Salaam

Everyone in the world can be influenced by his or feelings on something, for myself i think yes, I had a private tutor from Kulaya Language School for he was very smart in time, organized, encourage and everuthing, shortly wherever I go, I won’t forget my English teacher Mr. Emanuel, he was the best for me indeed, I learnt English for 7 months with him by having three classes a week with friendly and reasonable fee… I highly recommend

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Author Response

Thank you so much, we are very glad to here back from you. You're welcome Sir.