About Us


We are growing every single day, and so we love helping others grow too. Improving visibility, company credibility and reputation.


Caring about our customers thus our culture, we always listen, quickly solve customer queries, and work on customer suggestions.


We confidently support every single business in our directory. We always go extra miles into making our customers happy.


Business Directory for Africa

BizyCiti is an African Business Directory, established in East Africa, Tanzania to help business owners in African do business beyond borders. The system was introduced inorder to solve business issues faced eg. Distance between a client and Vendor, and communication issues.

BizyCiti as a Business Directory for Africa, its pretty well made with features to help african business grow:

• A Professional business profile
• Direct Messaging
• Business location and Maps
• Deals & offers - Give special offers
• Booking feature - Service or meeting
• Events - Add and share events

And so many more features. By using this modern business directory system, you are able to work anywhere, anytime and see your business growing everyday.